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Bob & Jerry Pfeifer

In 2012, my son, Jerry, was kidnapped by his Slovakian mother, who fled to Europe with Jerry and his half brother, Sasha Hummel, both American boys.

We have a happy ending. Jerry and Sasha are now home safe. But I cannot forget those who are still looking for their loved ones. There is a need for well-written protective legislation for children. International abductions are especially difficult with their ever-changing laws from country to country and their relations with the US. It is maddening how difficult it is to navigate.

Jerry Pfeifer is now 16 and as an affected child of international abduction and one of our missing children, is now elevating his voice as a child fighting for the rights and protection of the other children currently parentally kidnapped and scattered across our globe.

Jerry hopes that his voice may have an impact on when and if, our US State Department will use the laws put in place to aid in the return of other abducted children like him. I am now hoping to put in motion a movement, through the Bring Jerry Home community, to start the process of instituting change. It starts with people, a proven force of nature that helped bring us our happy ending. I am hoping that same force will help us grow this community as we come together to make a difference in the lives of children.