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avatar for Cpl. Jacey Small

Cpl. Jacey Small

Trinidad & Tobago Police Service
Cpl. Small is an affable and gregarious young man, full of enthusiasm for his work as a community officer in the Central Division, and hopeful about the further achievements that would be obtained with the knowledge he gained from the United States Embassy, and other stakeholders and the planned intervention for the Enterprise Community. In 2018 Corporal Small was selected by the US Embassy to participate in an International Visitor’s Leadership Exchange Training Program as part of a civil society cohort to share best practices in Countering Violent Extremism. His visit to the US Washington DC and Detroit where he visited State Agencies, NGO’s, Faith based Organisations. Corporal small is also a facilitator in Advanced Community Policing Training where he trained over one hundred and fifty police officers on the philosophies of Community Policing and the benefits of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and assisted officers in implementing action plans involving CPTED.
 People in the community are attracted to the passion of this young man. That attraction has turned into admiration and awe, when people actually saw him in his element at his job. Ms. Yolande De Leon the coordinator of the Resistance and Prevention Program of the Pan American Development Foundation stated “Of all the police officers that I have interacted with over the four year lifetime of RAPP program in Trinidad, possibly over 800 officers, Cpl Jacey Small has stood out as the most outstanding by far in terms of his understanding and application of the concept of Community Policing that is – focus on helping persons to get involved in non-criminal activity through strategic interventions in a multisectoral, unified, holistic and coordinated manner. This, helps to prevent crime by providing those persons with services and activities that help them desist from getting involved in criminal activity.
Cpl Small is the author of the central division community police unit’s education multi sector committee, school caravan named “Student empowerment peace over violence” which he co-founded with Mr Rhondall Feeles the president of the Single Fathers Association of Trinidad and Tobago. He led the five (5) school caravans which were held in the division. This caravan impressed the Minister of Education and the new Commissioner of Police Mr Gary Griffith causing the latter to instruct that this committee be replicated in every education district and police division in Trinidad and Tobago.
In addition to working with the schools he takes a personal interest in ensuring that follow up action is carried out to attend to any issue which is identified through the caravan.
Cpl Jacey Small as head of the Community Policing Team in Central Division has carried out several regular community engagements through simple but effective walk through in the communities. Meeting the residents where they are has demonstrated a common touch which Mr Small possess, and this has earned him much admiration by young and old in the community.
Cpl Small is a team player and works effortlessly alongside many of the community organization in the Enterprise / Chaguanas community. Some of them are;
Chaguanas Borough Corporation where the Mayor Alderman Gopaul Boodhan refers to Cpl Small as brother.
The Ryu Dan Dojo where the co-founder and leader sensei Marva John Logan seeks to involve Cpl Small in the everyday running of the Dojo. He lectures to every cohort of students. Co-Founder of the Dojo sensei Adrian Sealy is presently a trainee at the Police Academy as he was influenced to model Cpl Small to become a community police officer.

Jesus is the answer youth organization
Single Fathers Association of Trinidad and Tobago Resistance and Prevention Programme (RAPP)- Pan American Develop Foundation
The genuineness of Cpl Small’s interactions has paved the way for a solid relationship with the business community in central division. Any requests of them to assist in any community project is met with tremendous support. For example on behalf of their community, many of them pledge their support for initiatives that he undertakes, such as;
Caribbean Housing Company donating twenty (20) truckloads of dirt to the Edinburgh Primary School field on Cpl. Small’s request, and
Resistance and Prevention Programme (RAPP) refurbishment project at the Chrissie Terrace Recreational Grounds, where forty (40) truckloads of dirt was donated and transported by Bishram Transport and
AS Bryden expressing their desire to support the Homework Center that was started by Cpl. Small under the Resistance and Prevention Programme (RAPP).
Those are just some examples of the many instances of support Cpl. Small has been able to get from businesses for the communities he serves.
Some of the other activities Corporal Small initiated and coordinated for the Central Division were as follows:
In 2017 he started a Community Awareness Development Drive to sensitize residents of services available to them from various ministries and organizations and were also able to source training and employment through mentorship programs for at risk youths within the Enterprise Community. Several residents also registered for the Seed Planting Initiative through the Ministry of Social Development.
In 2017 and 2018, he organized and led marches against crime to raise awareness of the negative effects on crime, and violence. The communities responded with resounding show of force rejecting violence.
Also, in 2017, he initiated a symbolic annual tree lighting ceremony at the Edinburgh 500 Grounds during the Christmas season.  The colours of the lights represented the various branches of the protective services; blue for the Police Service, red for Fire Services, green for Prisons Service and white representing the community.  This event is also used as a social outreach project as persons are encouraged to register for services provided by various organizations who have booths set up on the day.
He often collaborates with the United States Embassy Public Affairs Department and Military Information Support Team to Coordinate Sports Caravans within the Central Police Division involving at risk youth’s and Communities particularly the Enterprise Community where there have been a general reduction in violent crimes, an overall reduction in the fear of crime and a better relationship between the police and the Community through these interventions.
In conjunction with the South Central Regional Health Authority, Corporal Small and the Community Police held Domestic Violence Awareness workshops for the community, and, in conjunction with the North Central Regional Health Authority, hosted Health caravans for police officers in the division.  These caravans were opened to the public as well.
Corporal Small also organized for the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Program (YTEPP) a three month Barbering and Entrepreneurship course in the Chaguanas district – 20 residents graduated from this course in early 2018, he sourced employment for many at risk youths in the Central Division through a Mentorship Program with Excellence Stores price Plaza, he also liaises closely with the Regional Manager Of the Civilian Conservation Corps to recommend many at risk youths within the Central Division to be placed in the Program.
He led a major flood relief effort in October 2018 in collaboration with the Single Father’s Association and the Business community which assisted over 300 affected residents in St. Helena, Caroni, Madras and Kelly Village. Businesses assisted in providing water, food stuff and toiletries.  He also partnered with the Ministry of Social Development in the police’s relief effort and ministry personnel were able to sign up persons for grants during this exercise.
Cpl Small has always demonstrated great leadership and mentoring skills. Officers under his supervision have also developed a valuable relationship with him. They look up to him and accept mentorship and training. This has spread and there is an officer in every station in the central division taking the lead from Cpl Small. Adults and children come to seek advice and direction from him. He has a great rapport with the residents in the high risk areas in the central division where most police officers cannot venture. He is accepted through his teachings of love, honor and respect. Cpl Small is approachable to all young and old. He has a great sense of family life and treats everyone like a brother or sister. Cpl Small has always been admired by everyone and he has a great bond with the entire community of the central division.  Officers that seek his advice often solve problems with creative solutions that are accepted willingly by those in dilemma.
One of the functions of policing is crime prevention and community policing is a tool the TTPS can use to help prevent crime and Cpl. Jacey Small is one of the greatest resources the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has to help them accomplish this. Cpl. Small needs to be cloned or the Service needs to use him to teach and mentor other officers on how to become more effective in their role as community police officers.